The Elegant Chignon

A hair knot that sits at the nape of your neck is called a chignon.  The word chignon is literally French which translates to “at the nape.” Unlike the ball of hair that sits on top of the head that’s called a bun.  French hairstyles like the chignon have been a staple in formal events for some time.  Even among celebrities they are popular on the red carpet.  It’s an easy hairstyle for a vacation day.  It’s an elegant hairstyle for a wedding.  You can dress it up with decorative hairpins and hair décor.  You can make it simple for a less stress day. It’s an easy “go to” and always looks wonderful on everyone.   It was practical during WWII when Rosie the Riveter wore it with a scarf while working in the factories.  It has long history in European and American culture.  It has had various stages through the years.  Consider it the black dress of hair styles.