Fly Butterfly Fly!!!!!

Just recently Harry Styles wore a butterfly color to the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling.  Butterfly collars were a thing of the 1970’s.  The time of discos.  The time of bellbottoms.  Your parents or Grandparents or, perhaps, Great Grandparents time.  You must wonder if the butterfly collar is relic of the past or making a comeback?  Maybe it’s both.  Maybe fashion is timeless dependent on the style and occasion.  Perhaps in the right setting a butterfly collar might make you stand out as fierce and defiant or eclectic on a movie carpet.  Maybe standing out is fashion.  Maybe we are all cut from the same fabric.  Perhaps not wearing what everyone else’s wears doesn’t make you out of date but more outward iconic.  We are not a one size fits all as humans.  No matter how much we try to stuff each other into one person’s vision of size, hair color, or skin tone; we are parts of a bigger scale.  Each our own to style.  We don’t fit into a mold and why would we want to?  We don’t need some runway walk model to show us some unobtainable illusion.  Maybe we all have a little butterfly collar in us.  A little out there.  A little dated.  A little eclectic.  A little different.  A little undefined.  And maybe that’s the way it should be.  Let your butterfly fly!